Monday, October 29, 2012

The Final Week

This is it. The final week of our campaign is here! It has been a beautiful, fall day here in Stockton but we are certainly keeping everyone in the Northeast in our thoughts and prayers as Hurricane Sandy arrives tonight. We are all too familiar with hurricanes in this neck of the woods.

We still need your help in these final 8 days! The biggest thing you can do for Stockton and our campaign is to spend some time this week at your computer emailing your contacts, posting the link to our blog on your Facebook page, finding various organizations to email, and utilizing the Internet in any other ways to inform Alabama voters to vote YES for Stockton Landmark District, Amendment 3. If you've already emailed your contacts but it's been a few weeks, send them another reminder just before the election. We want voting YES for Amendment 3 to be on everyone's minds as the enter the polls on November 6th!

I am including links below to several Stockton Landmark District fliers that you can attach to your emails and distribute. Thanks for taking a few minutes to send these out!

Why Should I Vote Yes for Amendment 3?

Stockton Landmark District Poster

An Email about the Stockton Landmark District

Remember the address for this blog is Put a link to it in your Facebook status.

This is a link to Stockton Landmark District's Facebook page. Make sure that you have liked us and suggest our page to your Facebook friends.

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