Thursday, October 25, 2012

Stockton in National News!

We have been so excited by the way our grassroots campaign for Amendment 3 and the Stockton Landmark District has grown over the past few months. But what a surprise to learn that our AP article was running in Wednesday's edition of USA Today! And in the first section! Needless to say we bought out all the copies at our local grocery store. You can view the story on their website here. This is HUGE for Stockton to have this kind of coverage. It is a testament to the fact that people across Alabama and the entire U.S. care about history and small towns like ours. They care about giving residents a voice in the future of their community and that's exactly what Amendment 3 will do. This is a great boost for our campaign in these final weeks!

We have been getting some great media coverage across the Alabama. A BIG thanks to Larry at WWNT 1450 AM Talk Radio in Dothan for letting us speak on his program this morning. We are so appreciative of the support of his listeners!

Thanks so much to all of you for supporting us and helping us on the home stretch. Stockton is truly deserving of this kind of attention!

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