Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Answer!

Trivia Tuesday Question: What was the original name given to Stockton by its earliest settlers in the mid 1700s?

The Answer: In early history, Stockton and the area to its north was referred to as "Tensa." It was named for the Taensa Indian tribe whose principal village was located in the area. There have been many spellings and variations of the "Taensa" tribe from Taensa, Tensa, Tensau, and finally Tensaw. The community north of Stockton is known as Tensaw today. Prior to the withdrawal of the French around 1765, there were a number of settlers living along the riverbanks in addition to the Taensa Indians. 

The Tensaw settlement, of which Stockton was apart, was settled long before Baldwin county or other communities in our area were established. This fact is lost on most who pass through our sleepy little community today. People have called Stockton home for well over 200 years and many of our residents can trace their ancestry back to its early settlers. Our history and heritage entitles us to have a say in our future. Amendment 3 will ensure that we will! Please vote yes for Stockton!

We also wanted to share with you a few photos from the re-opening of Live Oak Landing on Tuesday. This Landing was such an important part of Stockton for many years and it has been closed to the public for the last decade. We are thrilled that the county has made this beautiful place accessible to us again. Stockton hasn't been the same without it. Welcome back Live Oak!

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