Thursday, October 11, 2012

Landmarkers Return!

It was a strange feeling this morning, not waking up and heading out the door to stop at every newspaper and campaign headquarters between here and the next town. In 3 days we covered 965 miles, stopping at 35 places around Alabama. We visited 12 restaurants and stores, 5 newspapers, 2 television stations, 1 radio station, 4 Democratic Headquarters, 8 Republican Headquarters, 1 Chamber of Commerce, 1 Junior League, and gave 1 interview with the Associated Press. We feel pretty good about what we accomplished in just a  few short days. We have a GREAT state. Every single person we spoke with was receptive to learning about Amendment 3. People are confused by most of the amendments. If they aren't from that area, oftentimes they just don't vote. When we explained to them about what Amendment 3 will do for Stockton, the response was "that just makes sense." People appreciate history and the importance of preserving an area and giving its citizens the chance to vote on its future. We returned from our trip feeling energized about our state and the election on November 6th.

Here is just a brief re-cap of each day and finally some photos!

Day 1 (Stockton--Florence): I'll be honest, at first the idea of just going up to strangers in restaurants was a little intimidating. We weren't sure exactly the best approach for this tour so we just jumped in. Day 1 was about getting our feet wet. The more people we spoke with and the more positive feedback we received, the easier it it became to tell anyone who would listen why they should vote YES for Amendment 3. We drove from Stockton to Florence taking only the back roads. In Tuscumbia, we met Tori Bailey at WZZA radio, the "The Soul of the Shoals" and she provided us with some excellent advice and contact information for some very influential folks in Montgomery. Another BIG thank you to her!

 Our Place, Evergreen, AL

AJ's Restaurant, Monroeville, AL

 JJ's Bait & Tackle, Monroeville, AL

Thomasville Times, Thomasville, AL

 Demopolis, AL

Tuscaloosa County, Republican Headquarters, Tuscaloosa, AL

Tuscaloosa, AL

 WZZA Radio "Soul of the Shoals" Tuscumbia, AL

Day 2 (Florence--Auburn): By day 2, we were getting into the groove and realized that we needed to talk to people who could really amplify our 3 voices. We focused on Republican and Democratic Headquarters (this is a completely non-partisan issue), newspapers, and TV stations. We really felt good about these stops and met many helpful Editors and other folks. The Chamber of Commerce in Decatur was extremely helpful and welcoming to us. We are excited to be mentioned in their upcoming newsletter!

Times Daily, Florence, AL

Morgan County Chamber of Commerce, Decatur, AL

Decatur Daily, Decatur, AL

WHNT 19 News, Huntsville, AL

Democratic Headquarters, Huntsville, AL

Democratic Headquarters, Huntsville, AL

Day 3 (Auburn--Stockton): By Day 3, it seemed like all roads led to Montgomery so we focused our final day of the tour in and around the State Capitol. Andy Powell at the Gadsden Times had given us a contact at the Associated Press which resulted in a great meeting and interview. We hope this will lead to bigger publicity for Amendment 3. We also were given the names of some influential political leaders who are sharing our information with their parties and organizations. We returned to Stockton in the early evening tired but VERY encouraged about the election and the wonderful people of our State!

Associated Press, Montgomery, AL

Montogomery County Republican Headquarters, Montgomery, AL

Alabama Democratic Party State Headquarters, Montgomery, AL

Again, we want to thank every one who we met during our state tour for giving us a few minutes out of their day. We hope they will help us inform their communities about the Stockton Landmark District and Amendment 3.  We greatly appreciate and need their support!

We have just a few more weeks to go before November 6th. Please keep helping us inform voters across the state to support the Stockton Landmark Distric, Amendment 3 and not to ignore it! Thanks for following our blog and sharing it with others! 

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