Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Q&A

It's Friday again, folks and maybe, just maybe it's starting to feel a little like fall in Stockton which means Nov. 6th is just around the corner- 1 month from tomorrow to be exact! There is still plenty of time left to inform Alabama voters why they should vote YES for Amendment 3. We've updated a few things on the blog today and added some new tabs located above this post. Take a minute to explore them. We've also added some new photos. Check out our weekly Q&A about the Stockton Landmark District below. Have a great weekend ya'll!

Question 1: If Amendment 3 passes on Nov. 6th, will the Stockton Landmark District place restrictions on how we can use our land in Stockton and/or re-zone our community? Is this amendment going to require me to pay more taxes?

Answer: NO! Amendment 3 will do none of these things. Unfortunately, many voters are conditioned to think state amendments are going to place restrictions or call for more money. Our amendment does none of that. It actually provides our residents with increased freedom. As a Landmark District, residents will vote if another municipality attempts to annex Stockton into its borders. We do not have this freedom today. As for what you do with your land in Stockton, that is entirely up to you. This amendment has not affect on your rights as a property owner. 

Question 2: Why doesn't Stockton just incorporate?

Answer: Stockton actually was incorporated in the 1830s. At that time, it was second in size to Mobile and was a thriving river town. At the present, Stockton doesn't have a commercial base for such a venture. As the community continues to grow, re-incorporation could become a possibility. If Amendment 3 passes next month, it will protect Stockton and place it in a better position for incorporation in the future. Of course, this would only happen if the citizens of Stockton choose to do so.  

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