Monday, October 22, 2012

Stockton is Famous!

We are SO excited to wake up this morning and see this fantastic article written by Phillip Rawls at the Associated Press running in numerous state and local newspapers, both online and in print. It is even in some papers around the country! This is huge for the campaign for Amendment 3 and the Stockton Landmark District and probably one of the biggest accomplishments of our statewide campaign tour. With Stockton's population being less than 500, telling almost 3 million Alabama voters to vote YES for Amendment 3 is incredibly overwhelming. This article has greatly amplified the voices of our residents and we hope this will be the extra push we need to win on Nov. 6th!

All this media coverage has led to big increase in blog readership this week which is great news! Please keep sharing a link to the site with your friends and family. We have one important weekly Q&A below. With just about 2 weeks to go, we need your help. Thank you SO much for continuing to support Stockton and Amendment 3!

Question: I support Amendment 3 and the Stockton Landmark District. What can I do to help?


1) Email, Facebook, and the Internet. These are probably our most valuable tools in these final weeks. Email all of your contacts links to our blog. Search for emails of club or organization leaders across the state and email them. Share a link to the blog on your Facebook. Like Stockton Landmark District on Facebook. Search for news articles across the state that detail the amendments and leave a comment encouraging voters to vote yes for Amendment 3. Social media is critical to this campaign and can spread our message to a large number of voters. 

2) Talk to people. Bring Amendment 3 up in conversation, mention it in meetings and appointments. Talk about it at the grocery store, with friends, at club meetings, at church. Speak to as many groups as you can.

3) Write letters to any publications across the state. The more we are mentioned in the media the better.

4) On Nov. 6th, we need volunteers to stand at various polling locations around the county. They will be holding signs and asking voters to consider voting YES for Amendment 3. We will be covering the morning from 7-8:30am and the evening from 4:30-7pm. If you would like to help us on election day please email us at

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