Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 2!

Well here we are, another 13 stops down and finally here in Auburn! Gale really hit a home run with tonight's accommodations at Fountainview Mansion, such a perfect way to end an incredibly successful day! I'm keeping it short tonight with just a quick recap of today's stops. Wow, we have met so many wonderful people and are overwhelmed by their support for Amendment 3! Tomorrow we are setting our sights on Montgomery. Look for a much lengthier post with photos once we return to Stockton tomorrow evening. Until then, keep on helping us spread the word about Stockton, and thanks so much for following our travels!

Florence: Lauderdale Co. Republican HQ, Times Daily Newspaper Decatur: Chamber of Commerce, Republican HQ, Decatur Daily Newspaper, City Cafe, Curry's Restaurant Huntsville: WHNT 19 News Station,  Democratic HQ, Republican HQ, Fox 54 News Station Gadsden: Gadsden Times Newspaper, Republican HQ

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