Saturday, September 1, 2012

Football Season is Here!

Not only is this Labor Day weekend but it's also the kick-off of college football season! People around these parts wait all year long for this. Today is kind of like Christmas Eve! Football games and tailgates  are the perfect venue to tell your friends and family from all over the state why they should vote YES for Stockton Landmark District Amendment #3 on November 6th!

Suggestions for promoting Stockton Landmark District at your tailgate:

-Put a SLD sign next to your tent or vehicle
-Put a SLD bumper sticker on your vehicle and/or cooler
-Leave some fliers around your food table
-Wear a SLD badge to encourage folks to ask you about it
-Talk it up! Seriously, word of mouth is so critical to our campaign!

If you would like help out and need some fliers, bumper stickers, signs, or badges please email

We wish all the teams the best of luck this season! But whatever team you pull for, remember to pull for Stockton and Amendment #3!

Happy Labor Day, ya'll!

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