Friday, September 28, 2012

Stockton Landmark District Q&A

It is Friday and we are kicking off a new series on the blog today as we enter the final 5 weeks(!) of the campaign. Every Friday we answer some of your most commonly asked questions about the Stockton Landmark District and Amendment 3. Do you have a question you'd like to ask? You can post it right here on the blog or email it to us at and we will do our best to answer it! Today's Q&A:

Question #1:  What are the boundaries of the Stockton Landmark District? How were they drawn and who drew them?

The Alabama Legislature drew the boundaries creating the Stockton Landmark District several years ago. They utilized existing natural boundaries (i.e. rivers and creeks) and existing survey and voting district lines. The Stockton Landmark District runs north from I-65 to Little Hall's Creek and East from the Tensaw River to line T1R3. Residents living within these borders have always considered themselves residents of Stockton and vote in Stockton's precinct. The boundaries do not encompass anyone who was not previously considered part of the community of Stockton. The map below better illustrates the Landmark District's border. It can be also viewed by clicking the "Maps of the District" tab at the top of the blog. 

Question #2:  Is another municipality currently trying to annex Stockton?

We have been asked this question quite frequently and the answer is no, not at this time. As Baldwin County continues to grow, Stockton may become appealing to larger, neighboring towns who could attempt to annex our community into their borders. Today, this can be done without a vote from the residents of Stockton. Once made law, Amendment 3 will protect Stockton from such a scenario. Creating the Stockton Landmark District is a precautionary step that will safeguard the history and heritage of our community and give its residents a say in Stockton's future. Bringing this amendment to the ballot has been a work in progress for over 8 years.

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