Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Come to the Fair!

The Baldwin County Fair kicked off yesterday afternoon in Robertsdale and Stockton Landmark District volunteers were busy in our booth and around the Fairgrounds spreading the word about Amendment 3. Thank so much to Lynn and Georgene for setting up our fantastic booth filled with great photos of Stockton's history! Our volunteers met lots of folks and received so much support from the crowds passing by. It's wonderful to know that so many people care about preserving the history of Stockton and our area!

Our volunteers will be at the booth all week from 3-9pm every evening. Our booth is located in the far left corner of the Baldwin Coliseum along with many other great exhibits from around our county. Please stop by and say hello if you come to the Fair. We have fliers and window decals available! Also, you can learn more at our booth about the Stockton Heritage Association and its future plans for a museum at the Town Hall in Stockton.

Also, check out this Letter to the Editor of the Montgomery Advertiser by Lynn Hastie Bozone published today. Keep writing those letters to newspapers, magazines, and other publications, especially those outside of Baldwin County. Remember, the entire state will vote for Amendment 3!

A BIG thank-you to all of our volunteers and all of YOU for continuing to support us as we enter these final weeks before the election! Please keep telling everyone around Alabama about Stockton and Amendment 3!

Just a few photos from the Fair:

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