Monday, September 17, 2012

Hello Fall

Can you believe Saturday is the first day of Fall?! We are just about 8 weeks away from November 6th and have a busy schedule of events coming up around Baldwin County to promote Amendment #3. Also, a 3-day campaign tour around the state is in the works (more details on that coming soon)! Our volunteers have been attending festivals and local events and speaking to numerous clubs and organizations around the area. Last week, we spoke to the Fort Morgan Civic Association and received such a warm welcome. A big thank you to them and all the other organizations for having us and being so supportive!

This vote is really more than just about Stockton. It's about protecting the history and heritage of small communities and giving residents a right to have a say in the future of the place they call home. You have probably heard of other Landmark Districts around the state and the nation. The Stockton Landmark District is something brand new. It was written for Stockton and simply provides protection from annexation by a larger municipality. That's it! No taxes, no re-zoning, and no restrictions on land use. If passed on November 6th, Stockton will be a pioneer in something really exciting!

We are eager to speak to as many people as possible over the coming weeks and would love to have 5 or 10 minutes (or longer!) to speak to your organization. Please email us at or leave a comment on the blog if you have any suggestions or would like to request a speaker.

We will be at the Baldwin County Fair next week. More details on that soon and also more about other upcoming events. In the meantime, keep telling everyone about the Landmark District and Amendment 3! We need your support. Remember, every vote counts!

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