Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Weathering the Storm

Here in Stockton, we've been hunkered down the past few days waiting for Hurricane Isaac's arrival. Earlier in the week, it looked like he was headed directly for the Alabama coast but he moved westward and we've faired pretty well. Just some wind and rain and a few tree limbs down around the community. Our thoughts our with our Mississippi and Louisiana neighbors who are still getting the worst of it today.

It's been nice to relax some after all our storm preps and a very successful weekend at Fort Mims. Even with Isaac approaching, there was a great crowd and some of the best weather the event has ever seen (a cool breeze in late August, thanks, Isaac!). We spread the word about the Stockton Landmark District to spectators, vendors, and re-enactors from across the state and were overwhelmed by their support. Thanks to everyone for taking fliers and bumper stickers back to their hometowns! Word of mouth is one of the best tools we have. Here are a few pictures from the weekend we wanted to share:

Click here for some great photos of the battle re-enactment.

We will be at many other events around the Gulf Coast this fall. Stay tuned to the blog for updates. Remember, we are an all-volunteer organzation and would love for you to join us! Email us at to volunteer of for more information. 

Thanks for your continued support!!

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